sobota, 1 października 2016

I'm engaged!

I feel so inspired right now, It's the happiest time <3 the love of my life asked me to merry him and i couldnt be happier! So i came back here to post wedding inspirations for me and for everyone who's interested ;)  

I'm dreaming about rustic wedding with a lot of wood and lights <3 *so excited*

wtorek, 9 lutego 2016


What everyone needs is... motivation! For me the easiest way to feel inspired is to have something nice - to wear, to eat or just to look at ;)

This water bottle makes me wanna exercise everytime i see it!

And something special: My favorite butt and legs workout:

poniedziałek, 8 lutego 2016

Home spa

Skin care products to fall in love with...

- shower gel pomegranate & guava
- sea salt pomegranate & guava
- strawberry soap 

l o v e 

polski sklep -

Smoothie morning ; )

Nice way to start Your day... fresh smoothie <3
I used frozen fruits, coconut shrims and milk.

Me = smoothie lover :)


poniedziałek, 1 lutego 2016

Hair inspiration

I'm just in love with ombre and cool blonde right now... 

My very favorite looks:

Found on instagram 


czwartek, 28 stycznia 2016


I want to be fit, flexible and happy... wait i WILL be ;D 

butt workout

handstand workout

split workout

Just be h a p p y and do what You love!

sobota, 2 stycznia 2016

New Year, Neujahr

I'm so happy to welcome 2016! number 6 is my favorit so i'm full of good vibes :)
and one of my New Years resolutions is to learn german... Ich versuche auf deutsch zu schreiben... (wenigstens ein bisschen) Ich denke, dass so kann ich schnell Worter lernen und die Grammatik schulen. Also wenn jemand Lust und Zeit hat, dann schreibt mir einfach! Ich weiss, dass ich noch viel Fehler mache, also feel free to tell me was soll ich besser machen. :)

Have a wonderful year everyone!